publishing in new zealand


All printed books can be soft or hard cover products, and authors retain copyrights. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages, however:

1. Offset - Best for glossy page full-colour books.

Requires minimum printing of 2000-5000 to be cost effective. Expensive to print and distribute. Easiest when sponsored by big publisher, who pays author royalties (averaging $1 per book). Publisher assumes control of content/title and cover image. Book likely to go out of print after first printing unless it becomes a best-seller or author is well-known.

2. Print-on-demand (POD) - Good for soft or hard-cover books on non-glossy paper, colour or black and white interiors. 

Very affordable (same price per book for any quantity, when and as you need them. Globally distributed for no extra cost. Never goes out of print. Low risk to authors, especially if first-timers. Easy to update. Author earns more per book sold ($2-8.00). Must be promoted to get into bookstores, but easily available online or at 

3. eBooks - Inexpensive and versatile, but up to buyer to print if desired.

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